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Should I get a wedding videographer?

I know that a wedding is a big investment that will cost you time and money, so you will have to make the right decisions. But remember that your wedding day is not going to last forever - the only thing that will stay from this whole investment are the images. And trust me, films are the most vivid memory you will have, full of sounds and movements that allow you to go back in time.

Through your wedding film, you will be able to see your guests’ reactions and many more details which otherwise you wouldn’t be able to perceive in your busy day as the bride and groom. Wedding films are your chance to relive this stage of your life. Whenever you miss it, just play the video and you will be able to relive all the laughs and tears. Plus you get to show your future generations how it all started. Wedding films are emotional heirlooms designed to be cherished for decades to come.

Even though photography is extremely important, it will never replace a high-quality wedding film. In essence, those are two very different treasures you will never regret having.

Please get in touch so we can have a chat to personalise a quote for your unique story and needs.

I don’t feel comfortable in front of the cameras.
Should I still get a wedding videographer?

That is a very common feeling, trust me, almost everyone feels weird about it. In fact, most of my clients don’t feel comfortable in front of the cameras. Don’t worry, I know how you feel, and I don’t expect you to perform anything.
As an experienced videographer, I’ll guide you in a few specific moments, but our primary goal is for you to enjoy your day, so the natural beauty of love and happiness will be reflected in the film without pressure. Most of the time we will be in the background, seeking candid images where you won’t even feel our presence.

What do I get when I opt for a wedding film package?


What is included depends on the chosen wedding film package. The most popular one includes 8h coverage, aerial footage, a wedding film (15-20min long), full speeches, and a 1-min bonus for Instagram. All packages include licensed music and professional colour grading.

You can also include some extras such as a full ceremony video and extra hours.

Please get in touch to receive our price guide. We can also personalise a package specific to your unique story and needs.


Do you do wedding photography?

Despite being a videographer AND photographer, I wouldn’t be able to perform or direct both at the same time for your wedding. This imposes a risk of missing important moments and compromising the quality of your big day’s portrayal. That is why I’ve decided to specialise in wedding films and be fully committed to what I love the most. The only moment where I do photos and films at the same time is for family sessions, where I can easily manage the time and repeat an action, if necessary.

I’m more than happy to recommend amazing wedding photographers that I trust, and I know will deliver stunning results as well. Let us know if you are interested and we will send them your way!

Should I include drone images in my wedding film?


Aerial footage is great to show where your wedding took place and displays the whole landscape around. These aerial scenes will be included in your film, beautifully combined with a variety of angles to create an amazing cinematic style.

The only moment we don’t recommend using it is during the ceremony - we are talking about loud and distracting equipment which would be an unpleasant distraction. We really want to keep the focus exclusively on you, with no disturbance whatsoever.

To opt for this service, you can choose a package where it is included or customise and add it to any package you want.


Should I get two videographers?


Undoubtedly, your wedding deserves to have the best videography coverage, that is why we recommend two videographers for the ceremony, where it is essential to capture multiple happenings that are occurring at the same time - such as one camera is on the reaction of the groom and guests while the other camera is focused on the groom/bride walking down the aisle.

For any other moment of the day, for most wedding sizes, one cinematographer is enough to capture it beautifully.


What is cover in my wedding film?


The wedding film covers your wedding day as a whole. Then we take the best of each moment and create a unique film that narrates your wedding story in a sensitive manner. We’ll not only document it, but we will also create a cinematic, fun and beautiful film that is pleasant to watch. We are also proud of giving full attention to the audio - extracting the very best of it, including vows and the most special ceremony speeches.

The feature film is usually 15 minutes long, but if we feel your story would be shown better with a few extra minutes, we will do it at no extra charge. Want to have it all? Not a problem. You can still add the extra ceremony video, speeches, and first dance videos to your package.


Can I request changes in my wedding film?

Once you receive the videos you are more than welcome to request some changes. Basically, if you really miss something and want it included, I will first see whether I have the footage to include it and if I do - I will be happy to do it! The most important thing is that you feel satisfied and receive a real and valuable treasure from this day.

How long does it take to get my wedding film?


You'll get a 1-min teaser within 2 weeks.
Then, in approximately 12 weeks from your wedding day, your film will be available to be watched online. We will provide you with a private link.

Once, your videos are all approved, they'll be delivered on USB via postcode.


Where are you based?

Le Birck Films is based in Adelaide, but we are also available for worldwide weddings and all over Australia. Travel fees will vary depending on the location.

How can I guarantee my date?


We require 1 of the 3 instalments via deposit upon booking. This will enable you to secure your date. The next 2 instalments are due a week before your wedding but you can schedule these payments as convenient for you throughout the year.


How much does a wedding film package cost?


Our packages start from $3970 for 8-hour coverage. We have three options to suit different needs. However, I'm happy to customise a special package for you.

Get in touch to get a price guide.


Do you charge for travel?

A travel fee will be applied only for locations that go further than 1-hour drive from Grange, South Australia.

Do you film same-sex weddings?

That's a big YES! No matter how you identify yourself, love is love and that is what I'll be capturing on your wedding day!

Do you provide a contract?

This is a MUST. We will always develop a wedding videography agreement covering all the details discussed with our clients. It is a safe document that will protect all parties. By having a solid contract you will know exactly what to expect, avoiding frustration and misunderstandings. It also covers all legal aspects, according to Australian laws.

Please, in case you have any other doubts or requests,
feel free to get in touch.
Nothing is out of the question, I will be happy to help you with whatever you need!