Who I am
and why I love what I do

To be completely honest with you, I have been familiar with cameras my whole life. My mum was obsessed with photos and my dad was frequently filming our childhood in Brazil. Oh, and if you didn’t know, I was born and raised there. Since always, I have had an emotional connection with images, simply browsing through all of these wonderful memories and enjoying the effect they have - reliving all of the precious moments spent together. I believe this was the reason I made up my mind to become a Bachelor in Digital Communication. That gave me the chance to learn more about photography, design and cinema. And I am truly grateful for it because it was this step that set the foundations of applying knowledge to my own passion and production.

Nowadays, I consider myself a storyteller, because where there is love, I can see a heartwarming story just waiting to be visually narrated through my images. What guides me for the tone of the storytelling, is your authenticity - the candid moments, all those little things like a heartfelt smile, the sparkle in your eyes and wonderful unposed moments of raw connection. That is precisely what stands out for me while shooting - all the things that reflect who YOU really are.
With a decade of experience behind me and a lifetime passion in front of me, I see images as visual heirlooms of your memories. My primary goal is to always tell a story that you want to remember, re-feel, keep engraved in your heart and share with future generations.
Through the years, I have been capturing special occasions, ordinary life moments and everything in between.


Besides that, I am equally lucky to say that I'm also an educator, offering video masterclasses and 1:1 mentoring; which is a very rewarding part of my job. I cannot begin to explain how honoured I am to be able to positively impact people's journeys by helping them to pursue their dreams.


Hope my style suits yours and we have an opportunity to get to know each other. I cannot wait to learn all about your story and create timeless memories of your precious moments!