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Who I am




Since I can remember, I was familiar with cameras as my mum was obsessed by photos and my dad was always capturing our childhood in Brazil, where I was born and raised. I love spending time watching those memories and I believe that is why I decided to pursue a Bachelor in Digital Communication, where I could learn more about photography, design and cinema and apply this knowledge on my own productions.

Nowadays, I see myself as a storyteller. Where there is love I can see a beautiful story to be written by images. What stands out for me, while shooting, is the little things, a genuine smile, sparkles in the eyes, and unposed moments of connection. My passion for what I do and almost a decade of experience are the tools to achieve this goal, to tell a story you want to remember, re-feel, and keep for the future generations.
I’ve been capturing special occasions, ordinary life moments, and everything in between.
Hope my style suits yours and we have an opportunity to get to know each other.


Le also has experience on mentoring through 1 on 1 professional videography, photography and editing consultancy.
She launched a masterclass of videoing and editing by phone, applying effective cinematography techniques.


This is who I am
I am looking forward to meeting you

Le Birck