Who I am and why I love what I do

Since I can remember, I was familiar with cameras as my mum was obsessed by photos and my dad was always capturing our childhood in Brazil, where I was born and raised. I love spending time watching those memories and I believe that is why I decided to pursue a Bachelor in Digital Communication, where I could learn more about photography, design and cinema and apply this knowledge on my own productions.

Nowadays, I see myself as a storyteller. Where there is love I can see a beautiful story to be written by images. What stands out for me, while shooting, is the little things, a genuine smile, sparkles in the eyes, and unposed moments of connection. My passion for what I do and almost a decade of experience are the tools to achieve this goal, to tell a story you want to remember, re-feel, and keep for the future generations.
I’ve been capturing special occasions, ordinary life moments, and everything in between.


I'm also an educator, offering video masterclasses and 1:1 mentoring. That's a very rewarding part of my job because I can positively impact people's journeys by helping them to persude their dreams.


Hope my style suits yours
and we have an opportunity to get to know each other.