A toast to 2020 (a crazy year)

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setembro 3, 2020
couple toast

I'm starting the year with my heart full of gratitude because of you,

a kind client who opened its house up for my lenses, a bride who believed in my skills to capture the most important day of her life, a friend who shared moments of fun, my family that even far away always made its way to be present, and my amazing husband who always make me believe in myself.
Of course, it doesn't mean that 2020 was fulfilled with happiness only. The COVID year was crazy for most of us in different levels. For me, I can say that experiencing my first year in Adelaide, doing my best to run my business during a pandemic, and missing my family in Brazil, it was a difficult period to handle.
Now I see that I wasn't paying enough attention to myself. I was repeating that everything was perfectly fine while I managed all demands, but the reality behind the cinematic and romantic images on Instagram is that over December, I was feeling very emotional, rethinking the whole year and the challenges that 2020 brought. I cried a few times. I felt like my tears were washing the stress out to make me ready for a brand new year.

It's ok not to be ok sometimes, it actually makes us see our needs, which can be simple changes in our routine. So yes, I'm grateful to finally let my vulnerability take place.

I don't expect 2021 to be happy all the time. All I want is to be ready to deal with all challenges that may arise.

That is why I promised myself to keep taking care of my feelings and to be present as much as I can to my loved ones. I wish the same to all of you + a healthy life for you and the ones you love.

Raise your glasses (or coffee mugs) to make a toast to 2020's lessons! And let's 2021 begin :)

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